Sunday, May 27, 2007

Heartbreaking News

Panda was a brilliant Tri-colored English Setter that Keely fostered for a while in Ohio. He was adopted to a nice family near me about 2 months ago. This past Sunday, sadly, he got out the front door and was loose only a short while when he was struck and killed on a busy road near his home by a motorcyclist. We are hopeful that he didn’t suffer and he was cremated at Golf Rose Animal Hospital. As you can imagine the family is quite devastated, but I am incredibly sad about this as is Keely.

Please think happy thoughts that Panda is running happily over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lisa S.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy at Home!

News from Panda's Forever Home:
Panda is the greatest dog!! We totally lucked out finding him!!!!!!!! He loves to be around us, the kids adore him ...i do not have a scanner but i can send pics (snail mail)....

He sleeps outside the kids room or in their room, (sometimes next to mine and my husband's bed)....and the kids feel safe when he is around...we take him for walks and he is just the perfect dog...very gentle and accidents in the house...and cracks us up with the funny things he daughter likes to put scarfs on him and he just sits so patiently probably thinking, "What in the world have I gotten myself into, here?"
Take Care,

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Panda found his home!

Well I am happy to report that Panda will be loved by 3 little kids- but especially by the little 8 year old girl, Savanna who wanted a doggie for the longest time. In less than 15 minutes, Panda was upstairs on Savanna’s bed in her Disney princess decorated room laying in the middle of her bed and watching Air Buddies J. He showed his new Mom how he will be a good protector of the kids as when the Dad came up the stairs to find us- Panda went to attention on the bed with concern.

There was a chirping noise from their smoke detector and I think Panda thought it was a bird- so was running around the house on patrol. He was so calm otherwise while around the family- GOOD BOY!!! On Saturday nights, the kids have a slumber party in the living room so they would all be snuggling with Panda over night.

He is such a gorgeous dog. I am so happy that we found him a great home.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Panda is a special boy!

Panda has made himself quite at home at his foster family's place.
Panda gets along with all the other fur kids quite well---though he'll rather languish on the couch than go in for wrestling games.
He therefore would also be perfect for a family that wants only one dog.
He absolutely adores humans and wants to be with you all the time, preferably on your lap or giving you loads of hugs.
He also loves to go for walks and enjoys yard time as well, especially once winter is over and bird activity picks up. A home with a high privacy fence to keep Panda safe would be great! Panda's fascination with the resident cats has not diminished very much---so families with feline's need not apply.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Panda says "Happy New Year"

Panda has his own set of New Year's resolutions. On top of that list is sniffing out his own, special forever family. We all think that resolution is highly achievable, as Panda is such a handsome, sweet adorable boy that will melt your heart. He also gives the best furry hugs in the neighborhood!!!

I am proud to say that Panda is housebroken. YIPPEE!!!! He is doing awesome. He is still interested in the cats a lot. He loves small toys to throw around. He loves to throw around cat toys probably because of the scent on them. He loves to be on your lap all the time. He has calmed down in the car, but would still need to be crated because he thinks that he needs to be on your lap while driving. He is good on a leash, but still working on general commands.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Panda loves kids

Panda loves kids and gets along fine with the skin kids in his foster family...looks like they are quite smitten with him as well.

Panda at his foster home

Foster mom Keely reports that Panda is settling in well. He's now been trained to the invisible fence and is calmer inside and very, very cuddly. He also loves to play ball with the family.

Let's Party!!

Panda was all ready to welcome trick o' treaters, his foster sister Presley rather seems to be saying "Oh, been there, done that."

Panda's Halloween at his foster home

Panda wasn't quite sure what he was thinking when his foster parents dressed him up as superman---however, everybody is in agreement that Panda is indeed a super setter boy!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Panda at the IBR reunion event

Panda was a happy boy participating at the Illinois Birddog Rescue annual reunion at Hammel Wood Bark Park.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Panda at his temporary foster home

Panda shows you every moment that he enjoys life to the fullest. He was very excited to check out the yard. He met our up with all six of our other furry residents without any problem and was happy to see them.

Panda at the shelter...

Panda had been waiting at the shelter for rescue a while. When I went to pick him up, a 12 year old girl was just walking him around the property. "Panda is my favorite!!" she declared and gave him a hug.

We are so glad the shelter staff held on to him patiently, until he could be pulled into rescue. This boy is well worth it.

Panda, a country boy, on the way to happiness

Check out this gorgeous fella!! Panda is a strikingly handsome tri-color English Setter boy of approximately 5 years of age. Panda was found as a stray on an Indiana Country road and he most certainly IS a country boy. Panda doesn’t seem to have had the luxury of being allowed inside a loving home, but he sure knows a good thing when he sees it. Panda gets along great with other dogs--- and absolutely LOVES human companionship. This boy can give you 30 minute hugs if you let him, and gladly will sit on your lap to snuggle. Panda is a medium sized setter of approximately 50 lbs. with a stately figure.

Panda loves to spend plenty of time running out in the yard and is very active. He will need tall privacy or invisible fencing to keep him safe, as he has shown that he can climb chain link fencing.

Inside Panda is more laid back and likes to seek out your attention and cuddle up. Panda needs a family that will continue to work with him on house manners, such as housebreaking, countersurfing and not jumping up on people. After all, he’s not had any guidance in these matters in the early part of his life. Panda doesn’t exactly like to go into his crate, but when in it, he is mostly quiet and lays down and occupies himself with a rawhide bone or peanut butter kong.

Panda is still very excited when going for car rides and should wear a harness or travel in a crate on these occasions, as he’s trying to check out the car from top to bottom. As he’s getting to be a more experienced traveller, I expect him to calm down quite a bit, but right now everything is still so new to this boy.

Panda is looking for a home without cats, as he’s chasing them mercilessly. He needs somebody to patiently guide him along for a while, as he learns the house rules, but will reward you ten-fold with hugs and kisses. I guarantee it!